stand out. ½” deep rib with a panel width of 24”. For residential applications, the panels typically snap together without the use of exposed fasteners. When a rollformer orders from COLORSTEEL®, we send them coils of prepainted steel and the rollformer turns them into textured sheets that are used on houses, sheds and fences. The following are some of our Metal Roofing profiles: Corrugated Roofing – Corrugated roofing is a reliable metal roofing profile that’s stood the test of time. 1” high rib either 12” or 16” panel widths. Sheet metal roofing is available in many different profiles, all going by different names. We offer a broad selection of steel panel profiles including corrugated, wide rib, low profile and many more. ... Metal Roofing and Cladding manufactures curved corrugated and box profile sheets. your customers with the outstanding durability necessary to get the job done. Previous Next. We offer a variety of metal roof & wall panel profiles to choose from. Littleton, CO 80127 There are several different styles to choose from depending on the look you're trying to achieve. Pantile imitation metal roof sheets. ¾” high rib 9” on center with an added striation and intermediate ribs for strength and a tighter lock. traditional aesthetic. Our range of metal profile sheeting, including the Tile Form, 34/1000 box profile, 32/1000 box profile and corrugated profiled metal cladding and roof panels, are all manufactured on-site at Cladco Profiles and produced to the highest standard. Our Roof Profile Range. The following are some of our roofing profiles: Corrugated Roofing Ribbed, reliable and now comes in 3 sizes. This is a series of interlocking metal panels running the full length of the roof. customers’ building projects at a low cost. All metal roofing can be shipped to you at home. Designed with bold curves and uncompromising strength, the 2 ½ The SL-16® metal roof panel is a cost-efficient, low Profiles are made by rollformers. Corrugated roofing can be used as either a roofing or walling product. You can share this tool with your customers, upload their photo or choose from our sample project photos to get started. Panel Details. Narrow widths, lighter colors and heavier gauges minimize “oil canning”. 1” high rib with panel coverage of 16” and has a very attractive finish. They're manufactured in 26- and 29-gauge steel and come in a variety of colors. LokSeam® is a snap-together, concealed fastener, Toll Free 1.800.486.8415 All our prices include GST and our metal roofing sheets are priced per lineal metre. Metal Roofing Systems Key Advantages This classic standing seam profile, mimicking a batten style roofing panel, will enrich the appearance and add value to any commercial or residential roofing project. Metal Roofing. Standing Seam Profiles for residential and commercial metal roofing. American Building Components – Metal Roofing & Wall Panels, How to Install Eave Trim Using Exposed Fasteners, How to Install Eave Trim Using Hidden Fasteners, Introduction to the SL-16® Metal Roofing System. Our paint system represents the most sophisticated silicone polyester coating system in the industry and offers optimum exterior protection and superior resistance to chemical corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. The PBU panel is a versatile option that fulfills your customer’ We manufacture Snap Lock Standing Seam & Mechanical Lock Standing Seam right on site. Our range includes: ZINCALUME® & COLORBOND® corrugated iron sheets & many more profiles ; Guttering, Metal Fascia & more ; Roof flashings custom made to your requirements - FAST! American Building Components offers a wide variety of premium metal roof and wall panels, trim and accessories for your residential, post-frame, agricultural and commercial customers. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. We offer several profiles in panels including: 3/4" Low Rib, 1 1/4" High Rib (R Panel), Estate Panel, Lock and Seam, MRS-FF100, MRS-SSQ275, Sonic Panel and Siding is soon to come! Corrugated roofing is a reliable product that’s stood the test of time. LYSAGHT® roofing made from COLORBOND® steel. ©ABC 2020 , part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family. Waviness in the panel referred to as “oil canning” may occur and is inherent to this type of panel and is not a cause for rejection. This high-quality panel offers your customers the durability Available with minor ribs or striations. Roofing. We offer a broad selection of steel panel profiles including corrugated, wide rib, low profile and many more. Contact one of our technical experts to learn more about our metal roofing & wall systems and how we can help you with your construction project. It is a great looking panel profile for roofs, walls, awnings, partition walls and wall liner panel. When purchasing ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel, you are buying products made and backed by BlueScope, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers. 3” high rib with panel coverage of 24” and is a structural standing seam panel. strength and durability your customers need for their building projects. All roof plumbing materials including corrugated iron, polycarbonate roofing sheets, custom made roof flashings, fastenings, gutters and more. It requires a solid substrate such as plywood with 30# felt under. 1” high rib either 12” or 16” panel widths. price tag. Our Premium metal roofing panels are backed by a 40-year paint, 30-year chalk and fade and 20-year limited warranty. A majority of our paint coatings are ENERGY STAR® qualified which could help reduce your customer's energy costs. It is considered an architectural panel and snaps together with hidden fasteners. Whether you're looking for an exposed fastener or a hidden fastener profile, we've got the metal profile to fit your project! Fax 303.948.2059, The Best Roofing Materials for Commercial & Industrial Applications. When selecting metal panels for a roofing project, it's important to consider the metal roofing panel styles. Panel Details. PBR is a multipurpose, low-profile roof and wall panel that your This Snap together concealed fastener rib requires a minimum of 3:12 roof slope for proper drainage and solid decking under with 30lb felt such as in residential or architectural applications. The durable 5V Crimp The metal roofing sheets with DRIPSTOP anti-condensation felt provides a medium for trapping this moisture in the specially designed pockets formed in the membrane. It is a commercial structural panel which does not require a solid substrate and can go over roof purlins. Each rollformer has a slightly different range of profiles available. There are 10+ professionals named "Metal Roofing", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. PBC metal roof and wall panels are easy to install, making them ideal Tiles. A number of metal roof sheets have been manufactured to imitate traditional pantile roof tiles, ensuring all the benefits of metal roof sheets are experienced, but the … See more ideas about roofing, metal roof, house cladding. In many cases, the fasteners are painted to match the roofing panels to make them less visible. Metal Roofing Styles There are different types of metal roofing profiles that allow you to enjoy a timeless, traditional look of metal roofing. Ideal for most metal cladding systems including box profile roofing sheets, tile effect roofing sheets, steel roofing sheets and curved sheeting. Rugged Rib® panels live up to their name by offering the You and you customers can select from our panel and color options and watch their building come to life. Metal Cladding. The profile sheets are typically coated steel, but can also be supplied in aluminium, and have mastic seals located in the end and side laps. While the initial investment of a metal roof is higher, the value it offers over a lifetime is substantial. Seam heights vary, but the typical range is from 1-2 1/2 inches. We offer concealed fastener, exposed fastener and standing seam residential metal roofing panels. Strong, secure and energy smart, COLORBOND® steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to look great and deliver outstanding, long life performance. Our Premium metal panels are ideal for your light gauge metal roofing and building needs. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of metal roofs and other common roofing materials. Cladco’s box profile metal roof sheets are some of the most popular metal roof sheets in the industry, due to the the range of colours, sizes and thicknesses available in Cladco’s innovative box profile design. This panel requires a solid substrate such as plywood with 30# felt under the steel panel. Can metal roofing be returned? Cladco Profiles … weathered look, making it a favorite with customers who want their building to This panel requires a solid substrate such as plywood with 30# felt under the steel panel. standing-seam roof system available in several colors that help your customers A roof made from COLORBOND® steel makes perfect sense. Help your customers visualize their next project with ABC's Color Visualizer. When selecting a roofing material there are many factors to take into consideration beyond installation cost. We supply over 90 metal roof and wall panel profiles, so with the largest selection in the industry, you are sure to find the perfect panel system for your project. METRAC 8-3 “ Corrugated. This common practical panel is ideal for pole buildings, liner panel, and residential. Corrugated panel delivers the traditional aesthetic your customers desire. Snap Lock Panels have no exposed screws which create a unique look for any roofing project. Metal. For greater strength and wind uplift capabilities, panels can be mechanically seamed. The snap lock application is a high-performance roofing system with … Unlike low-slope roof systems, steep-slope standing seam metal roofs have more options available to choose from, including both snap-lock and mechanically seamed profiles.. For reference: Snap-lock profiles are panels that have been carefully rollformed with a male and female leg that snap together and do not require hand or … Corrugated roofing can be used as either a roofing or walling product. Metal Sales Color Visualizer. across a variety of industries. You can get inexpensive metal roofing profiles with discounted price from the most reputable wholesalers. 1 ¼ Corrugated metal roof panel is the preferred choice for customers seeking a Since 1976, MBCI has partnered with customers to deliver quality metal roof and wall products, superior service and competitive pricing. Featuring a classic design, the high-quality Ameri-Drain® panel provides Our Premium metal roofing panels are backed by a 40-year paint, 30-year chalk and fade and 20-year limited warranty. control and Drip-Stop solutions, making them a popular metal panel choice among Aug 21, 2019 - Explore AMECO VIETNAM's board "Roofing Profiles" on Pinterest. Full details of our standard range of metal roof sheet profiles are shown in this section. With standing seam metal roofing, the panels are interlocked together at the edges to form a vertical seam. Find 2020 quality & cheap metal roofing profiles for sale. It requires a solid substrate such as plywood. 1 2. The high-quality Rustic Trail panel offers a unique Sign up for the monthly newsletter, special offers and announcements! ASC Profiles is leading manufacture of metal roofing, siding and structural steel deck since 1971. Prestige is a snap-in/interlocking progressive system. CALL NOW: 1-705-330-7966 Free Englert Roofing Mobile App Download: Easy access to all Englert brochures and catalogs, a color selector for both roofing and gutter colors, standing seam metal roof panel profiles, and a convenient coil calculator to assist in estimating and completing your particular project. With the cost-effective Retro-R® metal roof panel, Best Profiles for Steep-Slope Metal Roof Applications. Browse our selection of metal panel profiles and request a quote or shop online today. If you would prefer a tile effect panel, however, you can expect to spend £15 or more per square meter. 5/8” high rib with panel coverage of 36”. Our Premium metal panels are ideal … Metal roofing sheets can cost as little as £7 per square meter, with both box profile and corrugated sheets being the most cost-effective. Yes, metal roofing can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. It is a common residential application and offers the flat panel look. This is a true architectural panel primary used in residential, commercial overhangs and roofs and awnings. Available with minor ribs or striations. 10390 Bradford Road Suite 140 Panel Profiles for Standing Seam Metal Roof & Wall Systems Sheffield Metals offers a complete line of engineered and non-engineered standing seam profiles for metal roof and wall systems. METRAC 10-3” Corrugated. Regal Rib® sets the standard for metal panel quality, providing homeowners View the profiles of professionals named "Metal Roofing" on LinkedIn. Get inspired and find panels and colors that will suit your building style by choosing to work with one of our sample projects or upload your own project image. All our roofing profiles are either ZINCALUME® (unpainted) or COLORBOND® Australian Steel. Exposed fastener roofing is an economical option for your building project. customers can apply over open framing or a solid substrate. Imperial Rib® panels are equipped with condensation “5V” Crimp, “R” Panel, corrugated roofing, face-fastened panels, through-fastened panels, or screw down panels are some of the synonyms for this metal roof style. roof and wall panel needs. The best rated metal roofing product is the 16 ft. Classic Rib Steel Roof Panel in Charcoal. Available with ½” deep profile x 24” wide panel or a 7/8” deep profile x 32” coverage. The The metal is fastened with clips underneath, then a crimping tool crimps and locks the seams. Search +1 800-468-1441 and contractors with unprecedented performance year after year. … Choose from concealed and exposed fastener wall panel options to fit your customer's project. The profile is made up of a series of corrugations, each in the shape of a trapezium, (refered to as Trapezoidal Profile) which lap together side to side and end to end, making it very easy to cover varying areas of roof quickly. customers. Our residential steel roofing and siding is available in a variety of styles and profiles to fit the requirements of your customer's project. This panel does not require a solid sub decking under and may span up to 60” depending on the roof load requirements. Waviness in the panel referred to as “oil canning” may occur and is inherent to this type of panel and is not a cause for rejection. 24 ga | 26 ga. Best for: Residential panels . for customers in a variety of industries. The Color Visualizer tool allows you to instantly explore a variety of roofing profiles and colors. Used in Commercial and Agricultural applications. maintenance option your customers can rely on. 1 1/4” high rib 12” on center with intermediate ribs and is considered a structural panel. Espan® 340 Espan® 470 Kāhu® Corrugate T-Rib MC700 MC760 MC770 Metrib 750 Metrib 760 MC1000 Metcom 7 Metcom 965 Metdek 500 Metdek 855 Metcom 930 Metclad 850 Bevelback Weatherboard Translucent Sheeting Ceiling Batten. customize their projects. Royal Loc w/ Striations. METRAC 14-3” Corrugated. metal panel offers a traditional look that has become popular with customers 13/16” deep ribs 6” apart. This is a true architectural panel primary used in residential, commercial overhangs and roofs and awnings. Snaplock. © ABC 2020 , part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family. The profile can reflect a modern or traditional architecture depending on the application. This high-quality metal panel offers a uniform look for your Metal Roofing Profiles . ABC's Insulated Metal Panels offer many advantages over traditional building materials. they need paired with the unique look they desire. This attractive rugged panel offers commercial grade performance is often seen in new metal building construction.